Al Mulla Group Subsidiaries

The Group’s varied gamut of subsidiaries are leaders in their respective industries and as a result Al Mulla Group is one of the pioneer conglomerates in the region. The management at Al Mulla Group attempts to provide the right direction and growth to its subsidiaries, while constantly monitoring their progress and operating systems. The direction provided by Al Mulla Group enables its subsidiaries to stay ahead of competitors, while maintaining strides with the evolving worldwide industrial scenarios.

Al Mulla Group formulates a noticeably distinct business solution for its group companies – to strive and evolve continuously towards meeting the stimulating demands of its customers.

Al Mulla Group enunciates set goals for its subsidiaries with clearly defining  performance measures. The subsidiaries are encouraged to meet challenging demands and embrace new technology in every business process it embarks up on.

Al Mulla Group sectors can be classified into several subsidiaries namely: