Al Mulla Trading & Contracting

Established in the year 1974, Al Mulla Trading & Contracting is a renowned establishment in UAE with impeccable reputation. We have a national reputation of being CLASS-I contractors, which we have earned through meticulous and on-time completion of jobs/projects, while meeting the expectations and goals of our clients.

We have a team of technology savvy professionals who are well versed and experienced to handle projects, which demand the highest skill and techniques. We help our clients with the optimum solutions and also help in controlling costs that are associated with their projects.

We have successfully executed many Government projects, Schools, Residential flats/villas, Private Towers etc. Al Mulla Trading & Contracting has a dedicated client base and we are the preferred partners for all their repeat projects. This trust is due to the quality of work that is delivered with every project undertaken.

Apart from the above, Al Mulla Trading & Contracting clients are aware of the group’s nationwide presence and they believe that they get value for their investment. When the company signs a contract it is understood that the project will be completed within the stipulated period. This enables our clients to plan their onward journey, which is in most cases, is based on our commitment.

Safety is of paramount importance to Al Mulla Trading and Contracting. Our team is well versed and experienced in implementing the safety rules based on the industrial standards. Every detail is documented from the initial stage of the project planning until completion and hand over.

We manage and execute projects with accuracy, rapid pace and precision. We are able to achieve this through system standardization and technological innovation. We have the best tools, latest heavy equipments and a growing fleet of vehicles, which power our present and future capabilities. Apart from the Contracting, we are also actively engaged in a wide range of General Trading activities.